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Personality Types is committed to bringing you the best in free professional online MBTI-compatible personality type tests.

The most widely used personality test in the world is based on the work of Swiss psychiatrist C.G. Jung and his followers I. Myers, K.C. Briggs, J.H. van der Hoop, M-L von Franz, and David Keirsey. It divides people into 16 different personality types - simple enough to be manageable and yet complex enough to yield meaningful insight into individual differences. The official MBTI test is used professionally around the world in settings ranging from Fortune 500 companies to the U.S. military and it is also used in academia. It is also a valuable tool for personal development.

Not everyone can afford the official MBTI test, however, and while there are many free versions of the test available online, many of them are unreliable. Our version of the test has been made by professionals, refined through both qualitative and quantitative study of test-takers' scores, and statistically validated in several countries. Thus it is both free and reliable.

Personality Type Test in English

Personality Type Test in German

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Personality Type Test in Hindi

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Type Test in English #2

Type Test in Japanese

Type Test in Italian

Type Test in French

Type Test in Spanish

Type Test in Portuguese

Type Test in German

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ENTP or INTP Test in English

INTJ or INTP Test in English

INTJ or INFP Test in English

INFP or INFJ Test in English

INFP or INTP Test in English

INTJ or INFJ Test in English

INTJ or ISTJ Test in English

INTP or ISTP Test in English

ENFJ or ESFP Test in English

ISFP or ISTP Test in English

INTJ or INTP Test in Italian

INFJ or INFP Test in Italian

INTJ or INTP Test in Portuguese

INFJ or INFP Test in Portuguese

Cognitive Function Test

This test will help you determine your cognitive functions in the Jungian tradition.

Cognitive Function Test in English

Big Five Tests

These tests will help you determine your Big Five scores on the NEO PI-R dimensions Openness, Conscientiousness, Extroversion, Agreeableness and Neuroticism.

Big Five Test in English #1

Big Five Car Test in English #2

Big Five Test in English #3

Big Five Test in English #4

Big Five Test in Danish

Political Test

This test will help you determine your political coordinates.

Political Coordinates Test in English

Political Coordinates Test in Portuguese

Political Coordinates Test in Spanish

Political Coordinates Test in Italian

Political Coordinates Test in German

Political Coordinates Test in French

Political Coordinates Test in Swedish

Political Coordinates Test in Danish

Political Coordinates Test in Japanese

Political Test Videos

These videos explain why the Political Coordinates tests are superior.

Political Compass / Coordinates Video in English

Political Compass / Coordinates Video in Italian

Articles on Personality Type

These articles discuss various aspects of personality type.

Careers for the Personality Types

What Is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator?

INTJ - the Intuitive-Introverted Mastermind

INTP - the Thinking-Introverted Architect

The 16 Personality Types

MBTI and Personality Styles

The creators of these free online personality tests are affirmed in the utilization of numerous diverse personality tests and have worked professionally with psychological typology and personality testing. Before utilizing our free online personality and Jung, Myers, and Briggs inspired tests, please take note that while there are four-letter short codes furnished by the type of tests found on this site, the results should not be confused with the authority of the official MBTI test and the universal recognition that the MBTI® training material holds. The tests on this site are not be mistaken for authorized trademarked tests like the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® or the Jung Type Indicator. Personality tests are based on research and not affiliated with any of the "official" scientists or brand names referred on the site. Where our test developments are interpretations of those offered somewhere else on the web, the interpretation and instance of these tests have been authorized by the original creators of these tests. In the event that you see any mistakes in these matters, please get in touch with us at admins |a| For more, please consult our Terms of Service.

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